Pre hiring digital solution for high volume job applications. The solution that the recruiters and the candidates love.

Disrupt your daily work and the candidate experience. uses technology to automate the repetitive and time-consuming tasks related to high volume job applications. Our solution will improve your daily routine as a recruiter while making sure your candidates are treated in the best possible way.

Time savings. processes large volumes of job applications. No more manual and telephone pre-qualifications, takes care of it for you. We observe on average 12% qualified candidates among those who applied.

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Engaging Candidate Experience. offers a unique and interactive candidate experience. No candidate is left without an answer. We will help you set up a fun and transparent pre-hiring process, enabling your applicants to discover the job as well as your corporate values.

Enhanced Employer Branding. is customizable and white-labeled. Your very first interaction with a candidate will be dramatically elevated. Use your Employer Brand and carefully crafted video content you might already have. Leverage your pre-existing corporate videos and use them to engage with job applicants instantly.

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Agile and safe​. is easy to implement as a cloud based service. No install nor training is required.
Our application is secure, the data processing and storage meet the highest security level, and they are in compliance with the European regulation.



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Customizable configuration

The different features are customizable. We offer you to pre-qualify your candidates efficiently, while creating an immersion within your company and its corporate culture.

Interactive pre-screening enables you to use your own corporate videos to illustrate a dynamic and engaging questionnaire. We also have tools to produce attractive videos at a lower cost.

Video interview

Ask questions directly to your candidates. Discover their video replies at your convenience. gives the opportunity to your candidates to make a first impression to you. You can easily share these video replies with your team.


You can discover the candidate’s soft skills with the test developed by our partner Central Test. We can also combine tests to evaluate hard skills when required (accounting test, language, code…).

Candidate & Customer Service staff to meet your assistance needs and those of the candidates.


Your user-friendly dashboard helps you find your pre-qualified candidates and the informations you need to make your hiring decisions.
No setup, no training is required . Link up your ATS through our upcoming API (under development).

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